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13 may

Discover the benefits of splitting the cost of your digital subscription

With Sharingful, you'll learn how to make the most of all the main digital subscriptions!

Discover the benefits of splitting the cost of your digital subscription
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

The year 2020 has laid the foundations for a new stage, more digital, more technological and more advanced compared to 2019. It has literally pushed us to the edge of reinvention and has highlighted our great ability to create, develop and make available to the rest of the world useful and practical solutions for both work and everyday life.

And it is in everyday life where we have been most affected. The leisure activities we used to do, family plans and group get-togethers, among many other options, have been drastically reduced along with close and direct human contact.

As if it were a game of chess, digital subscriptions have checked leisure by significantly increasing the number of users during the confinement months. Something that seems so simple at first glance has caused an unprecedented change in habits and consumption. In this, we will talk about this and also about what are the benefits of sharing a digital subscription with your loved ones. disney-plus-mas-barato

We are consumers of content and digital platforms

To take a detailed tour of everything that happened in 2020, you need a lot of popcorn and a lot of time, so for this reason we are going to analyze only some trends and behaviors from our point of view as digital content consumers to better understand the purpose of Sharingful.

We will start by talking about the boom in baking. Keep in mind that children (and not so children) stopped attending class for a few weeks in March 2020. As a preventive measure, schools were closed, which resulted in a great effort on the part of parents to entertain them as much as possible. from the possible to be productive during their workdays.

Baking activities at home became a hit and recipe video views multiplied exponentially. This is the case with Nadiya Bakes on Netflix and her dreamy sweets. Pleasant, fun, jovial, close, it has all the necessary ingredients to have a good time with the family. It's no wonder that such valuable information has been shared and mentioned so many times in record time.

From this point we jump to the next: cooking recipes remotely via video calls with grandparents, uncles, friends and schoolmates. We went from paying for endless extracurricular activities to increasing our bill which, on the other hand, comes from subscribing to all the digital subscriptions there are and will be to avoid boredom and frustration of seeing ourselves locked up at home so often. Disney enters the equation with its movies and series, perfect for spending family time.

Living experiences through digital subscriptions

What if by then we had known that there was a possibility of splitting the cost of this digital expense with other family members or friends? Certainly the situation would have changed considerably. If we were asked right now about how we like to enjoy life we would probably answer that we see it through the prism of experiences. What at first we considered as a routine or an activity of little importance, for example watching a series together, has become an element that gives us more value over time and makes us appreciate every moment much more.

This vision, that of living an entire experience through the content views offered by different platforms and digital subscriptions, is one of the purposes under which Sharingful resides. To make this round, we believe it is necessary to think about us. and in you as users to find the exact key that allows us to live more easily and collect more positive moments.

And this is where savings play a fundamental role in everything we are telling you. Because it's not the same to pay the full digital subscription of any of the currently known digital platforms as it is to:

  • Divide the cost of the Disney platform, saving up to 75% on the subscription.
  • Divide the price of a Netflix family subscription and save 12 € euros per month.
  • Invest only 2.67 € per month by sharing Spotify.

Because these savings allow us to increase our number of subscriptions, but also allocate it to pay for perhaps more important activities such as English classes, basketball, guitar or extra courses for one's own enjoyment.

How to start dividing costs with other users of your digital subscriptions

The goal when we thought about creating Sharingful was to build a platform where people were key and gave life to the main axis that makes sense of our reason for being: a solid, transparent and reliable community, which in turn allowed enjoying one of the great advantages derived from sharing and dividing the expense of subscriptions derived from digital services in a group: savings on payment.

When one decides to become part of this great family, they can share their subscription or join an existing family that has an active subscription. First of all, it is essential to fill out the form with the requested data.

The next thing to keep in mind? If you are one of those who prefer the second option, that of joining To a family that already has an active subscription, it's important for you to know that an additional charge in the form of a commission will be made from the platform for enjoying both the service and the benefits offered to you for using this way to save.

We act as intermediaries between the subscription owner and the rest of the family members, with the intention of eliminating and reducing to the maximum all concerns that may arise. As we mentioned earlier, the goal is for you to focus only on enjoying what really matters.

Despite the fact that in 2021 we have a completely different situation in terms of leisure options which we can enjoy with fewer restrictions, watching series, documentaries, movies, reports or interviews in groups, as a family or as a couple continues to be one of the most demanded activities and one that we do most often. Let's not forget that even though the outlook is much more optimistic, the situation continues to be complex globally.

Platforms like HBO give us the opportunity to travel through the diverse stories of its protagonists; watch in action via streaming the heroes of the DC universe; revisit iconic series like Friends, The Big Bang Theory or Sex and The City; immerse fully into films like Chernobyl which definitely leaves no one indifferent or teach the youngest members of the household classics like Tom and Jerry's adventures.

Whatever your tastes are, it has never been easier to watch, enjoy, share and comment on your favorite scenes with your loved ones. Choose a platform, share with Sharingful family and don't worry as we take care of everything else. It's time to enjoy, devour all those series you have pending, bring out your cinephile side and try new genres that surprise you to continue expanding your knowledge about this big world or simply for fun. See you inside the community!

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