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13 may

The Sharingful catalog

Discover one of our services on the website. We offer you a catalog of trends and premieres on streaming platforms.

The Sharingful catalog
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Guillem Vestit

Sharingful's billboard so you don't miss a thing

In order for you to have all the necessary information to enjoy the best cinema on the streaming services you are subscribed to with us, we want to give you all the data so that you don't miss any premieres and none of the current trends in movies and series.

For this, on our website you can find a catalog service where you can see all the most popular titles or those that Sharingful have selected as content of the highest quality. You can visit our catalog from the main menu of the website:

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What can you find in this catalog?

On each digital content platform there is all kinds of content, in which to get lost. Often we spend more time finding and deciding what we want to play than watching it.

That's why Sharingful makes a selection and a summary of the most popular titles and the ones that might be most liked by the audience to speed up this process. Although the content of our catalog goes beyond, we want you to know everything necessary to decide which will be the next movie you will watch or so that you can create a list of upcoming views more easily.

To begin genre, and more.

You will have the covers with the titles of the movies and series that are in the foreground, the release date is also indicated, and a rating or score. This consists of a list classified by groups such as "Popular" or "Most popular on Disney Plus", among others, so you can enter the one that interests you most.

You also have a search engine at the top in case you want to find something more specific, to be able to access directly without having to browse through the entire catalog.

By clicking on one of these, the information will expand, as you can also see, the complete synopsis, the age rating, the actors who make up the cast, the directors, the duration of the movie or seasons of the series, The genre it belongs to, and most importantly, it is clearly indicated on which platform each content is available and we even leave you recommendations for similar content that might also interest you.

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Don't wait to visit us and stay up to date with all of this, we know you will love being part of it. You already know that for any suggestion you can contact us through our live chat on the website or by our email [email protected].

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