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13 may

Nintendo updates you need to know

Attention enthusiasts, to the Nintendo news. We bring you the latest in games and cinema from this video game company so you are always up to date.

Nintendo updates you need to know
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

If you are a video game geek like us, or you have already started to save on your subscription and have a shared account on Nintendo Switch Online, you will surely be interested in knowing all the news about the classic video games and characters that Nintendo brings this May. We tell you everything in this article:

New games for the Nintendo Switch

If you have this console, you will be eager to know what new game updates you can find from this month and download to pass all the levels. We make a list with the release dates of each title and we tell you about each game so that you can choose your favorite:

  • The most outstanding at the moment is: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This will be released this Friday, May 12th. You can start to live new adventures in the universe of Zelda along with its protagonist Link to build and design all kinds of weapons and vehicles while landscapes and skies of Hyrule. We can see in the trailer below, as Link leaps from a floating islet towards the kingdom to embark on a dangerous mission with the aim of saving Hyrule from the chaos against which we will fight under the new character updates and his improved version.
  • On May 16th, you will be able to incarnate as Cyan to play Trinity Trigger, an adventure inspired by classic role-playing games from Japan. You will be a warrior of chaos and you will fight, explore and discover many secrets, in order to fulfill a mission challenging fate and creating a new one for this land, where the story unfolds.

  • LEGO 2k Drive is the game with which you will be able to drive in large would you like to try first? With Sharingful, you can access all these games and much more at a lower cost through group buying subscriptions.

  • Race tracks and terrain of all kinds await you in the new open world adventure from LEGO. You'll be able to compete for the sky trophy against major opponents, explore the open world, play from home and online, as well as build your own vehicles or boats from scratch. You just have to wait until it's available on May 19th.

  • Start your farming business with Farming Simulator 23. From May 23rd, you can start creating your own farm, planting crops, taking care of animals, and making the most of your harvest to bring out your inner farmer. You'll be in charge of all kinds of animals and will start factories.

  • Lastly, on the same day, May 23rd, you can start enjoying the new game Puzzle Bobble Everybubble. Bub, Bob, Peb and Pab will have to take care of saving the rainbow island by eliminating Miniroon's bubbles. Play this universe full of light and colors with the little ones while you pass the most fun levels.

Which game would you like to try first? With Sharingful, you can access all these games and much more at a lower cost through group buying subscriptions. Which are you most eagerly waiting for? We can't choose.

The new Super Mario Bros movie

Chris Pratt, Anya, Taylor, Joy, Charlie Day, Jack Black and many more bring our favorite characters to life in this classic from everyone's childhood. Super Mario Bros, hits the movie screen hard with this new animated installment.

The Mario brothers, enter a world full of mystery and adventure, inspired by the magical game we all know to overcome all obstacles and make it to the end. Along the way they will meet different characters such as Princess Peach, the mushroom Toad and many more. We leave you with the trailer in case you haven't gone to see this new movie at the cinema yet:

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