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13 may

HBO Max: how to watch it in the cheapest way

Discover how to pay less for your HBO Max subscription through the Sharingful platform.

HBO Max: how to watch it in the cheapest way
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

streaming no son gratuitos. Sin embargo, Sharingful ofrece una solución para aquellos que desean disfrutar de HBO Max sin tener que pagar el costo total de la suscripción. Al compartir una cuenta de HBO Max a través de Sharingful, puedes disfrutar del mismo contenido y características, pero por una fracción del precio.

Among all the platforms that Sharingful includes in its catalog of possibilities, there is also HBO Max. The expanded version of HBO offers us a subscription-based streaming service that brings much more content than its original version and of high quality.

Being one of the leading platforms along with Netflix or Disney Plus, it offers us a wide range of movies, series, and shows to choose from according to our preferences, in addition to incredible premieres that cannot be overlooked. We can enjoy timeless classics and new releases that can fill our summer afternoons and nights. All to cater to consumer tastes by allowing them to choose from many types of genres and themes so that each user can view what most closely matches their interests. In addition to providing us with recommendations to make it easier for us to find what we want to watch easily, they never stop publishing new content so we don't miss the opportunity to discover new things.

Sharing an HBO Max account for less with the same features

Like everything in this life, unfortunately for all movie lovers and fans, these streaming services are not free. However, Sharingful offers a solution for those who want to enjoy HBO Max without having to pay the full cost of the subscription. By sharing an HBO Max account through Sharingful, you can enjoy the same content and features but at a fraction of the price. Digital content has a price, usually high, which limits us from enjoying all the titles available. HBO also has a price and we know that among your priorities is to have as many subscriptions as possible, which is why we want to tell you about our service, through which you can obtain the same services at lower prices.

In this case, the price that HBO Max imposes on users is 8.99 € per month, on the other hand if you prefer to make annual payments, the rate is 69.99 €, with which they assure us a savings of 35%.

What if you could save half?

Sharingful proposes completely different rates, thanks to our platform you will have different options to choose from, the one that best suits you. What we do is manage groups or families, as we call it, so you can share your subscriptions with people who are looking for the same thing as you, pay less and have the same.

The options you have with us:

<img src="https://blog.sharingful.com/uploads/capturafamilias170543b082.jpeg" alt="Form a HBO Max group with Sharingful" style=" display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; width: - Create a family. This involves sharing your subscription with other users thanks to the possibility of creating profiles and receiving money from each member for using it. The point is that you will pay the proportional part of what it means to be a user and everyone who is part of your family will pay you €3 for their share. So, you not only spend less, but you also make money!

The steps you need to follow to achieve this are simple. Go to the Sharingful page, register or log in, select the option Create a family on the home page, choose the cinema category among the different types of services we have available and, once inside, you will find HBO Max. From here you must enter the necessary data and all the steps will be indicated for you to start receiving requests from future members of your family, that is, those who will pay you for your subscription.

Form a HBO Max group with Sharingful

  • Join a family. In this case, the only thing you will have to worry about is paying this proportional part of what it means to have a subscription on this platform, in addition to a small commission for Sharingful for managing these subscriptions. For this option, the monthly fee is €3.87.

The steps you will need to follow will also be to enter the Sharingful page, register or log in, but this time, select on the home page the option to Choose family, choose, again, the cinema category and, within it, HBO Max. You will have a wide variety of families to which you can send a request to join their subscription. The following screen will appear, where you can send requests unlimitedly and without worrying about anything, since when one is accepted the others will be cancelled.

Form a HBO Max group with Sharingful

Don't wait to find out more, enter our website and discover all the platforms you can subscribe to from Sharingful, all at lower prices.

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