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13 may

Filmin's Updates This Summer

We have conducted a search so you won't miss any of Filmin's premieres this summer.

Filmin's Updates This Summer
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

Do you know Filmin?

Filmin's prices

Undoubtedly, the most important factor to know if we can be users of this platform or not is the money it will cost us. Well, in this case there are two types of rates offered by Filmin, one of them consists of a monthly fee of 7.99 €, the other possibility is an annual payment of 84 €. It also has an option to purchase tickets for a type of temporary and limited subscription that has the function of renting content.

The catalog with summer novelties

Of course, we like the usual content, but new titles are always being added to these platforms and it's great to know what they are to add them to our list. This time we are going to name the summer premieres. We list the titles that will be added to the catalog with the exact dates:

July 24

  • Broken keys
  • Pixie
  • Diaries from Myanmar
  • July 25
  • My Joy
  • Atlantide
  • Babi Yar. Context
  • Europe
  • The first 54 years. Brief manual for a family occupation
  • Fail Better
  • An honest politician
  • Valldaura: A Quarantine Cabin
  • Bloody Oranges
  • Mr. Landsbergis
  • Tropic of Violence
  • Cinema Sabaya
  • Freda
  • Barataria
  • The summit
  • Latin America
  • This rain will never stop
  • If Talía were blind
  • Future
  • Copilot
  • 1970
  • A change of Heart
  • As far as I can walk
  • Blocada
  • Brighton 4th
  • Europe
  • Evolution
  • Small body
  • Fear
  • Miss Osaka -The peacock's paradise -Trenches -Miracle -The history of the civil war -The anniversary of the revolution -The staff room -Brotherhood -Song to a lady in the shadow -A missing policeman -The devil’s drivers -The Dawn -Passion -Our men
    -The timekeepers of eternity
    -Théo and the metamorphoses
    -The crossing
    -Miss future
    -Having time
    -Life suits me well

July 26

-99 moons
-Marina and Ulay: without a planned end

July 27

  • Girls picture
  • Cop secret
  • Heartbeast
  • Stone I alone
  • Drop among drops
  • Album Pere Joan

July 28

  • Good wife's manual
  • After Blue
  • I, Cristina F
  • Loving a Highsmith
  • My friend's friend
  • A female code of silence
  • Animals
  • A pornographic revolution
  • The photographs of Paolo if Paolo, the treasure of his youth
  • The nest
  • Judit
  • Pedis possessio
  • Vacua
  • Question

July 29

  • The star of the apes
  • I want to talk about Duras
  • Low Cost Generation
  • Guermantes
  • Shadow war
  • The last son
  • Everything at once everywhere
  • Paris, district 13
  • Farha
  • Rhino
  • Magnetic Beats
  • Miguel's war
  • Margalida

July 30

  • Mila Kundera: from the joke to insignificance
  • Petrichor (the smell of rain)
  • The hill where the lionesses roar

July 31

  • Softie

  • Soul of a Beast

  • Runner

  • The score

  • So far so good

  • My father's secrets

  • Kill August 1st

  • Groundhog Day

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  • The Collector

  • Towards My Name

August 2nd

  • The Emigrants

August 5th

  • Earwing
  • Kung Fu Zohra
  • Counting Sheep
  • Where'd You Go, Bernadette

August 12th

  • She Will

August 15th

  • Hope
  • The Cursed Word
  • I'm Being Me

August 19th

  • Alcarràs
  • Summer Nights

August 26th

  • The Humans

August 31st

  • The Mindfulness Movement

How to have Filmin almost for free with Sharingful

If you would like to watch all this and you are not yet subscribed to Filmin, Sharingful offers you the possibility of paying less by sharing your subscription with other users. By sharing your account, you will pay the proportional part of what it costs to have it and you will receive €4 from other members. If on the other hand, you prefer to join a subscription, your monthly fee will be €4.80, instead of €7.99 as indicated by the platform.

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