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13 may

Lingokids: the app for children to learn English while having fun

The little ones in the house learn English with the method they like the most... Playing with Lingokids!

Lingokids: the app for children to learn English while having fun
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

What is Lingokids?

If you haven't yet discovered this app, let us explain what it's all about. If you have children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren, you are likely interested in them growing up learning and always knowing new things, especially languages. Often they refuse to do extra activities after school, but if there is a way for them to be as motivated to learn as you are for them to do so.

This application uses a method for children between 2 and 8 years old to learn while playing, what they call “Playlearning”. It encourages children to learn in a way that they find fun and feel safe, thus also maintaining their interest.

How does Lingokids work?

This application consists of a set of **games fun, songs, audiobooks and educational videos that are part of the children's learning process, as they adapt the level of difficulty to the progress of the students or players. In this way, when they have acquired the learning, the same application increases this difficulty.

Parents can be very calm about the use your children will give to technology, since they are not only learning, but they are in a safe and healthy space thanks to Lingokids removing ads from their application. In addition, you can track what the child is learning to know what their progress is, routines can be created and objectives set. Sounds good, right?

To let you know a little more about this application we leave you a video that explains very well how it works and what benefits it has:

Prices for the Lingokids service with Sharingful

In order to enjoy the full service of this application, without any limitations, a price must be paid. This from Lingokids consists of a plan called "Lingokids unlimited" in which you have access to everything we have mentioned above, that is, all games, songs and videos, see the child's progress and even download and play offline. All this for 14.99€ per month, On the other hand, the basic and free plan only has access to a limit of 3 daily activities.

But don't worry, here we are, the Sharingful team, to propose a much better plan. How would you like to get the same service as the unlimited plan but much cheaper? We give you two options to choose from:

  • You can form a family, that is, share your subscription with other users and receive their proportional part for being a user of the application. In this way, you will receive €3.75 for each member of your family and you will only pay your part.

  • If you prefer to join a family, those €14.99 per month will become €4.83. Plus, you can choose the payment term that best suits you in case you prefer to make, for example, an annual or quarterly payment.

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