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Alternatives to Spotify available on Sharingful

Spotify is the quintessential platform for streaming music, but there are many alternatives that work just as well and are available on Sharingful.

Alternatives to Spotify available on Sharingful
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

Platforms similar to Spotify

Although Spotify is the most well-known and most used platform, there are also other streaming services to listen to music that offer a very similar or practically identical service to Spotify.

At Sharingful, we know some of these that are also very successful and we want to tell you what they are and what benefits they bring you as a user, so that from all the options, you can choose the ones you like the most. In addition, all of these are available on our platform, so if you have an account you can start sharing and if you discover a new one that you like you can start using it.

Amazon Music Unlimited

cheaper amazon music unlimited

This platform, part of the Amazon family, is a service for streaming music. In an unlimited manner, and already with six devices playing at the same time, the Amazon Music family plan, Unlimited, allows you to listen to content from its library of over 90 million songs of all kinds of musical styles or genres, as well as the more than 30,000 playlists that we have at our disposal, in addition to podcasts. The application adapts to your tastes and continues to recommend everything related to your preferences.

You can enjoy high-definition music and download it onto your device to listen offline. Additionally, being an Amazon service it is easily compatible with speakers from this brand.

The price of this plan is €14.99 per month or €149 per year. However, by sharing your subscription on Sharingful, this price can drop down to €3.50 per month, which is a quite significant discount.



This streaming Music service stands out from its competitors for its high audio quality, as it allows you to listen to songs in original quality, thus surpassing Spotify's quality. In addition, this platform has a library of over 52 million songs. It also features various artists exclusive to this company, which allows subscribers to access content they won't find on other services. Of course, like the rest, Tidal offers the possibility of downloading content and creating personalized playlists according to the user's tastes.

In this case, the mentioned advantages increase the subscription price and that's why it is 29.99 € per month. To solve this rate, by sharing on Sharingful you can lower this figure to 6.75 € per month.

Deezer Family

Cheaper Deezer family

Similarly to the previously mentioned platforms, Deezer is a subscription service for listening to music. Some of the benefits of being a member of the paid version include the ability to play music without ads and download it for offline listening, as well as creating folders, skipping songs, and enhanced audio.

Worth noting, this application also contains a specific section for artists, which allows them to upload their own content to their account so that other users can have access to it.

The rate for this platform is €17.99 each month, but obviously at Sharingful we want you to pay as little as possible and thanks to the possibility of sharing through our platform you will only pay €4.20 per month.

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