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13 may

What is the collaborative economy?

The collaborative economy is an economic model that operates through an exchange of goods or services between users, benefiting them and promoting responsible consumption.

What is the collaborative economy?
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

What is the collaborative economy?

The collaborative economy is a business model that refers to new systems for consuming goods and services thanks to the evolution of information technology. This technology allows for the exchange and sharing of goods and services with much higher efficiency compared to traditional systems. This economic model can be broken down into four pillars. These are collaborative consumption, collaborative production, collaborative learning, and finally collaborative finance.

How does this exchange affect?

Moreover, the new generations fit perfectly within the collaborative economy. where the important thing is not to possess but to have access to the service and live an experience. Sharingful is based on the collaborative economy where the premise is to achieve great savings by sharing subscription costs. Another example is MissCar where women share their car to travel and thus live a unique experience. In short, there are many platforms based on the framework of the collaborative economy that have achieved great success, such as Airbnb, BlaBlaCar or Wallapop among many more.

MissCar the app for car sharing only among women

We continue with the example of MissCar, which meets all the premises. the collaborative economy. MissCar's proposal is "To offer our community users the opportunity to share a car through a shared travel platform, with maximum safety, tranquility and trust." A platform like this has many benefits, one of which it shares with Sharingful: achieving significant savings. In addition, by traveling several people in the same car, traffic and pollution are reduced.

MissCar ensures that all its users are women by verifying their identity and validating their mobile phone. It also has a trust system based on the opinions of other users. At Sharingful, we believe it's a great initiative for women to connect with each other for traveling. For this reason, we want to announce a collaboration with MissCar to continue growing together as a community.

For this reason, all Sharingful users will have a coupon to enjoy three commission-free trips. Try the app and enjoy its benefits!

MissCar collaboration with Sharingful

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