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Apple One Family and Apple Music shared with Sharingful

Discover this group of applications to have everything synchronized and organized on your Apple devices. Also, thanks to Sharingful, share subscriptions for a lower price.

Apple One Family and Apple Music shared with Sharingful
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

Apple is the famous brand of devices in the shape of a bitten apple. This company not only works with technology but also provides its consumers with different applications for a complete service. Among these, we can see that they are very similar to the streaming services we already know, as we find cinema and music, among others.

Having an account on the applications that we are going to tell you about can be very interesting for all Apple users, since everything is designed exclusively for their devices, and they can be contracted jointly or individually, according to customer preferences.

Apple One Family: These are the applications that are included

Under a paid subscription, Apple One, forms a group of brand services in which each user who is part of it can have private and exclusive use on each device, having their own account or profile individually. These are applications that you can use if you download them from the App Store on one of Apple's devices, and among these services we can find the following:

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Apple Music

The platform for listening to music streaming from the Music app on Apple devices. The family plan for this service includes many benefits. Among them, over 90 million songs to listen to and 30 thousand playlists organized for you to enjoy, as well as thousands of shows, podcasts, live or on-demand radios, concerts and other exclusive content, all of this without ads or commercials, with the possibility of downloading, and incredible audio thanks to Dolby Atmos and Lossless. In addition, with an account, you can enjoy personalized recommendations, a private music library for the rest of the users who are part of the subscription and the option to share your tastes with your friends by sharing your playlists.

Apple TV

This is an application that you can download on your Apple devices and it implies being able to access original content such as award-winning series and movies, as well as dramas, comedies and all kinds of documentaries or entertainment for the little ones in the house. This subscription can be shared with up to 5 people, who can enjoy the best quality without any advertising or interruption, also with the possibility of downloading the content to be able to play it without an internet connection.

Apple Arcade

Within this application is stored a collection of over 200 games, and increasing. among which the best classics and new releases, under this subscription there will be no need to make purchases or endure annoying ads. Games that are started on one device can be continued on any other. In addition, the content is updated every week, both with new games and updates of those already part of the application.

iCloud +

Finally, this is also an exclusive service for Apple, it is a large storage space in which to save all kinds of content such as photos, files and notes, among others. This version of iCloud implies improvements of its original service, as it expands the possibilities, for example, sharing this storage with other members of the subscription, hiding My Mail, private iCloud broadcasting and extended compatibility with HomeKit's secure video.

Apple One price: Sharingful lowers your price by sharing your account

The Apple One family plan, which includes 6 people in the subscription has a price of 28.95 € each month, but from Sharingful we propose another much cheaper option beneficial for your pocket. By sharing this subscription with another 5 people from our platform we can lower this figure to only 6.52 € and you will not have to give up any of all the advantages that we have talked about in this article. Furthermore, our management helps so that you don't have to worry about anything other than enjoying your subscription, we take care of ensuring that payments are made correctly and that any type of inconvenience is resolved as soon as possible.

Also, if you are only interested in the Apple Music app, you also have the option, since, as we have said, there is the possibility of obtaining only an individual application, in this case, the price of 14.99 € would drop to 3.50 € thanks to the service we provide at Sharingful.

You can see that by sharing the account with Sharingful you save a lot more. All without any kind of trap, since the resource we use is the ease that these services provide to share your subscription, with other users, whether they are your family and friends or people who are part of a platform like ours that seeks to save by sharing, so what we seek is for these people to meet each other and create a community in which to share with each other, without permanence commitments so they can have all their subscriptions to platforms for a cheaper and more affordable price.


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