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13 may

5 Tips to Improve Your Use on Spotify

We share with you a few tricks so you can make better use of your Spotify account.

5 Tips to Improve Your Use on Spotify
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

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Spotify is the most widely used music listening platform in the world, along with Apple Music, among others. This streaming music platform was launched in 2008, 14 years ago, when it was only available in some European countries and gradually expanded to the rest of the world. In 2011, it became a platform and it didn't take many more years to become the streaming service we know well today, with its unlimited music, ads between songs, and the paid version that removes limits on the app.

Not all users can enjoy the Premium service, in which we stop listening to annoying ads, we can skip all the songs we want and control the playlists to our liking under a paid subscription, but there are always little tricks that can help us have a better use whether we pay for our account or not. We are going to list some tips for you to keep in mind when using your Spotify so you can be an expert on the platform.

5 tricks to make the most of your Spotify account

1. Weekly Discovery. Spotify has a feature that allows you to find music related to your tastes, personalized recommendations. This consists of different playlists updated daily called "Daily Mix", in addition to every Monday each week a "Discover Weekly" also based on you and the new releases that may interest you.

To access this, you must enter the left menu where the list "especially for you" is located. Here you will find all these playlists.

2. Order albums by dates. For those of us who are obsessed with organization, we like to have everything well ordered, and our playlists and albums are no exception. That's why Spotify thinks of everything and gives us the option to order chronologically so we can prioritize those we saved first and be able to listen to them all. For this, you need to enter your lists and access a sorting option that allows you to create an order according to different criteria, one of them is the order by "recently added". This appears on the top right or left side, depending on the device.

3. Download music and listen offline. This is an advantage for users Premium, but it is undoubtedly one of the most useful. Within each playlist, you can download the content to listen to it offline. Everything will be saved within the app and you can access it by going into the same playlist where you downloaded the songs and play them, as you will only listen to those you have saved.

4. Playback queue. If you find it annoying to have to select each song you want to listen to while waiting for the previous one to finish, don't worry, because you can create a playback queue, so that when one song finishes, the ones you have selected continue in the order you have chosen. You just need to search for what you want to play, click on the three dots and select "Add to playback queue". This is also a Premium option.

5. Improve sound quality. This can be done, and when we are focused on listening to our favorite songs, why not set the highest possible quality? It's very easy to do, just look for the settings in Spotify and search for audio quality by selecting the one that interests you most.

What do you think of these tricks? Are you to use them?

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