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13 may

Young Cultural Voucher 2023: everything you need to know to get the 400€

This 2023, young people can also access the 400 euro cultural voucher, just like last year, we tell you how to do it.

Young Cultural Voucher 2023: everything you need to know to get the 400€
Autor: Guillem Vestit
Guillem Vestit

What is this aid and how can you apply for the young cultural voucher?

In 2022, the Government took the initiative to help the younger ones with an economic support that they can use in different cultural activities, that is, it is an invitation from the state for newly appointed adults to have assistance to spend on cultural products and services such as; opera, theater, cinema, museums, books, press, concerts, dance, music, online movies and series, video games…

The previous year, 2022, this voucher was requested by more than half of potential beneficiaries, which means that 281.557 young people took advantage of this opportunity. This time around, 210 million euros have been allocated with the aim of expanding and improving these results, as well as the improvements they have detected that all management needed to facilitate the application and all the procedure.

Cultural Voucher 2023

As we said before, this young cultural voucher can be spent on different activities that we could divide into several groups:

- Live Art: everything that involves buying tickets to attend an event such as concerts, literary festivals, music or audiovisuals, as well as cinema and other events. For this purpose 200€ of this young aid are allocated.

- Physical products: for this case,100€ of the total are applied. They are intended for purchases of physical products such as books, magazines or press among others. part of many other things such as video games or records and more.

- Digital / online consumption: The remaining budget, 100€, will be directed to all types of subscriptions to music platforms like Spotify, reading and audiobooks, podcasts, online video games, and other periodic publications that also involve some payment, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max, among others.

This voucher has certain limitations, as it can only be used to purchase from companies and organizations that are part of this project, among which there are 2,500, and there are products that cannot be consumed with it, such as academic textbooks, musical instruments, sports or bullfighting shows, gastronomy, etc.

Apply for the 400€ young cultural voucher 2023

The only requirement to access this 400€ voucher to spend on different cultural activities is to be of legal age, that is, 18 years old during the year 2023 and have Spanish nationality or legal residence in the country.

To join the program you must enter this link, and to process the application, you only need an electronic certificate or ID. The Ministry of Culture and Sports will have to verify the information you have provided and then you will be able to fill out a form providing a series of personal legal documents.

To get well informed about all the conditions you can consult the following link: Information about the acquisition procedure, to also know all the steps you must follow.

In case you are a **company and also want to form As part of all this, you can go to the companies and entities section where you will find all the necessary information to get involved in the project and all the steps to follow to send your application. Of course, as long as you are part of the activity that is contemplated among the sector they indicate, whether it is live arts, visual arts and cultural heritage, physical support cultural products or digital and online consumption.

Make good use of the cultural voucher

Knowing that this voucher is budgeted for purchasing physical products like what we have previously mentioned, a fraud network has arisen in which some young people have used this voucher to sell the products as if they were second-hand, on platforms like Wallapop or MilAnuncios to recover the money in cash.

get money with the cultural voucher

The ideal in a situation like this is to make the best possible use of these aids, since in the end they are a benefit for those who receive them and can be a great opportunity if taken advantage of in the right way, avoiding bad practices.

Are you over 18?

If you are over 18 years old and have not been able to access this voucher, we know that you must be disappointed, for not being able to take advantage of this aid, however, we want to introduce you our little help to avoid very high expenses in something that is part of the budget. From this bonus, in our case, digital consumption.

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There are two ways to do it. The first step in both cases is to become part of Sharingful by logging in on our homepage…

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